Text Box: Text Box: Advantages of MACoat System

Flexible and durable
Superior Adhesion to concrete
Fast Access after installation
Flexibility of Construction Schedule
Easy to Repair of upgrade finish style.
Environmentally safe and responsible
Easy to clean and maintain.
UV resistance and color stability
Low odor during installation
Wide range of design capabilities.
Text Box: Basic Design of the MACoat Waterproofing System from Westcoat

The MACoat system is mainly used in elevated balcony decks where concrete has been installed or in the remediation of other cement type deck coating systems that may be experiencing a problem of some kind.  This system also creates an excellent base for our decorative coatings. 

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 Spec Sheet
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These are just some of the possibilities with our coating systems.  All colors, textures and patterns are hand built and interchangeable. With us, custom is standard!

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MACoat Waterproofing System

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